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Choose your Service Plan

Choose one of these or book a consult for a customized quote

  • Best Offer


    Every month
    MOST POPULAR - Flat Rate - includes up to 3 bodies of water
     14 day free trial
    • Weekly maintenance service - unlimited visits
    • Basic Chemicals and chemical balancing
    • Brushing, vacuuming, skimming, emptying baskets
    • Inspection & calibration of all equipment
    • Weekly Service Reports
    • Unlimited service calls for maintenance related items
    • Filter Cleans - (Bi-annually)
    • Heater Maintenance Service (Bi-annually)
    • Seasonal Chemicals - (Bi- Annually)
    • POOL RX - (All natural, mineral based algae prevent) -Bi-ann
    • High Wind and Storm Cleanup
    • Party Prep and Cleanup
    • **Not Included: Parts and labor on repairs & new equipment**
    • **Requires autopay
    • Save up to $350 per year on this plan
    • Chlorine pools only - Call for quote on Salt Pools
  • Flexible Monthly Svc

    Every month
    Specific services can be ordered and billed separately
     14 day free trial
    • Weekly Service up to 5 times per month
    • Basic Chemicals and chemical balancing
    • Brushing the walls and tile
    • Netting and skimming the surface and bottom
    • Vacuuming
    • Emptying the pump and skimmer baskets
    • Inspecting and calibrating equipment
    • weekly service reports
    • service calls
    • filter cleans (bi-annually)
    • Salt Chlorinator service (quarterly)
    • Heater maintenance service (Bi-annually)
    • High Winds or Storm Cleanup
    • Party Prep and Clean Up
    • Seasonal Chemical Treatment - (Bi-annually)
    • Repairs vary. Written estimates will be sent for approval
    • *This rate good for Monday thru Thursday service + autopay
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