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Terms & Conditions

Homeowner’s Responsibility

Due to time constraints as well as insurance requirements It is the owner’s
responsibility to maintain proper water levels. If water is not at the proper level on the day of service, all equipment will be disabled to prevent any damage to equipment and service will not be provided. The homeowner will be notified, and a make-up service will be scheduled..once proper water levels have been restored. (Reservice fees may apply )

The technician must be supplied with access to your property, which includes keys, codes or combinations.


All pets must be properly contained on the day of service. If a pet is deemed a flight or safety risk to the technician, a make-up service will be scheduled.

​Make Waves Pool and Spa Service will not be held responsible for algae growth caused by chemical wash out due to weather events, pool leaks, excessive shedding of plants and trees or mowing/blowing debris directly into the pool. Additional charges will be applied to restore the pool back to normal operating conditions.


Make Waves Pool and Spa Service will not be held responsible for staining of plaster. Since plaster is composed of natural materials, a certain amount of shading, staining and color variation is to be expected.


Service calls made outside of the service day will be billed at $125 per visit and will be applied to any repair cost billed above and beyond regular service costs.


For any unscheduled repair costing under $100, the work will be done and the charge will be added to the next monthly invoice. For any repair costing over $100, the work will be provided in a written estimate and the repair will wait until approval is granted.

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