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Image by Drew Dau


In addition to the regular cleaning services, we provide equipment repair & maintenance. The cost for these services are not included in our monthly cleaning packages. The office will schedule these services at regular intervals. Here are examples of the kind of equipment maintenance you might need depending on your pool or spa type:

  • Pool filters are cleaned 2x yearly at a minimum. Pools with heavier use may need quarterly or even monthly cleanings.

  • Saltwater pool salt cells are cleaned every 90 days. 

  • Above ground fiberglass spa draining, refilling and re-cheming is done every 90 days .

  • Pool or spa heaters service is recommended 2x per year to prolong the life of the equipment and ensure safe operation. During this service, all the components are inspected, cleaned, lubricated and adjusted. The heater is tested for safety and performance.


Go Make Waves Pool & Spa Service will make certain that all components of your commercial swimming pool are operational and clean, with balanced chemicals, and a beautiful, inviting appearance.

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