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12 Years Servicing Our Clients

Make Waves Pool and Spa Service is a family owned, fast growing local pool maintenance company based in Dana Point CA. Under the leadership and direction of Certified Pool Operators Andrew and Robin Ramirez, our maintenance and repair team offer personalized and expert care for your pools specific specialized needs.



Before moving to California, Andrew and I lived in Texas for 22 years where we worked together in our family run pest control business and raised our 6 children and 2 dogs.


To brave the heat, a swimming pool was an absolute MUST in Texas, so we took the plunge and had our back yard converted into a beautiful swimming oasis! We went through a few pool cleaners and quickly realized that all pool cleaners are NOT created equal!


Once, my daughter was preparing for a swimming competition. She came into the house after swimming her laps and her eyes were blood red and she had what looked like a skin rash on her forehead! Alarmed and determined, Andrew went out and checked the chemicals in the pool only to find the water chemistry was completely out of balance and was likely the cause of these very scary physical ailments.

It was then that we became absolutely obsessed with learning everything we could about the water chemistry in our swimming pool. From that day on, we took care of our own pool. Andrew took classes and spent time on the phone with the equipment manufacturers. We spent the next several years
learning about the importance of circulation, filtration and most importantly, water chemistry.


Swimming pool maintenance and repair was not our profession back then but it has laid the foundation for a business we are extremely passionate about.


We have since sold our pest control business and relocated here to Orange County. With our extensive background in chemistry, toxicology, small engine and automotive repair, the swimming pool maintenance industry has been a perfect fit.


All of our technicians are water chemistry certified and they go thru rigorous, and regular training to make sure you get the highest quality service available in Orange County.


Bottom Line is we absolutely LOVE what we do! And we would love to add you to our FAMILY of
satisfied customers!

Image by rajat sarki


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